-The Happy Herbivore Cookbook (low-fat, fun, every day ingredient recipes!) by Lindsay Nixon

-The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD-lifelong nutrition researcher

The McDougall Program-if you know you need change what you eat but want to know how changing will help your health and want to know how to change, get this book, too

-How Not to Die-How not to die a slow painful death from chronic disease

Most libraries do interlibrary loans. A great way to see if you like the book before you buy it yourself or if you just don’t need more books in the house!

Once you have read the above CRITICAL books, more books of interest:

Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s new book WholeRead about it

These books have not been reviewed by VeganAugusta but look interesting:


Vegan in 30 Days, by Sarah Taylor, is a primer for those who already have the motivation to go vegan, but would like a step by step guide and a little handholding. Some reviews here.


Forks Over Knives

Cowspiracy or watch it here!

VEGAN 2017 – The Film