Boycott Ezekiel 4:9 bread. It is a supporter of flesh and dairy Weston Price Foundation. Details here.

Smuckers products-unlike Hershey’s chocolate or strawberry syrup, Smucher’s chocolate and caramel are NOT vegan as BOTH contain dairy NEEDLESSLY.

Boycott Unilever Brands

In addition to using ingredients in some of their products that are tested on animals,

Unilever is coercing grocery chains to drop carrying Hampton Creek products as it rolls out its own eggless mayo after dropping its lawsuit against Hampton Creek.

Unilever list of brands or Wiki of Unilever brands

When Hampton Creek launched its “Just Mayo” egg free mayo, The American Egg Board, an egg research and promotion program overseen by the US Department of Agriculture, and a USDA employee allegedly conspired to have the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prevent the “Just Mayo” name use. After Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology employee revealed the above collusion, the FDA decided in February, 2016 that Hampton Creek could continue using the name “Just Mayo”.

The alleged next strategy was to coerce Whole Foods into discontinuing carrying the “Just Mayo” products. The FOIA emails show in December 2013, the American Egg Board also Anthony Zolezzi, an external sustainability contractor, to place a call with Whole Foods asking the grocery chain to remove Just Mayo from its shelves. Internal American Egg Board documents imply that he was paid for the service.  While Whole Foods resisted, it appears that Kroger has not.

During the unfolding drama of the FDA allegations, Kroger continued to sell Just Mayo products. However, as the FDA case concluded, as the Chicago Tribune and others have reported, after suing Hampton Creek, Hellmann’s launched its own egg free mayo. Within 30 days we noticed Just Mayo was not being resupplied at any Kroger/Bakers in the greater Augusta area, in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, or in Nebraska.

At all of these locations, the new eggless Hellmann’s Mayo produced by Unilever is available.

So now there is a restraint in trade which will keep prices high, and Unliver will go after the other eggless mayo companies next. It also deprives us of the flavored Just Mayo and other products Hampton Creek offers.

Contact your representatives and ask them to support the bipartisan bill to address repulsively corrupt checkoff programs that enrich the factory farming lobby which are being looked at by Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and tea party Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) who introduced legislation mid-July to address.

****.Brands commonly found in US:

Axe, / DegreeSure / Shield, Caress, Close-Up, Pepsodent  Lever 2000, Dove, Lifebuoy , Noxzema, Pond’s, Q-Tips, Suave, Thermasilk, TRESemmé, Vaseline, VO5

Ben & Jerry’s, Hellmann’s and Best Foods, Knorr, Lipton, Bertolli (pasta) Colman’s(mustard), Country Crock (margarine including the 2 accidently veganones), Popsicle

All & Surf laundry detergent, Sun — dishwasher detergent