Dangers of Dairy

What contains dairy and names they use to hide it in our food here and safe dairy alternatives here

Traces of morphine, along with codeine and other opiates, are produced in cows’ livers and end up in their milk.  This is why Americans find it so hard to resist cheese. Read More.

Dr’s find that if patients can swear off cheese for three weeks, the cravings will go away. Get help with a starter kit and encouragement emails at The Dairy Detox. Hear more- Jun 2011 podcast with Dr. Barnard here:  See a blog here and see the 3 stage plan: Stage 1 (reasons it kills us) and Stage 2 and Stage 3-why it is addictive and some alternatives

Symptoms associated with milk: acne, bloating after eating, eczema, calcium lost from bones, prostate cancer, Type II Diabetes, weight gain, Type I Diabetes and MANY autoimmune disorders

Dangers of milk: Milk may increase risk of fractures by 50 percent, may help cause bone loss, is linked to prostate cancer, is full of saturated fat and is linked to heart disease, causes digestive problems for the 75 percent of people with lactose intolerance and aggravates irritable bowel syndrome. Dairy may contribute to allergies, sinus problems, ear infections, chronic constipation and anemia (in children). Read more.

Milk causes cancer.  [Cancer] development was almost entirely dependent on how much [milk] protein was consumed, regardless of how much [carcinogen] was consumed! The virus [carcinogen] provides the gun, and bad nutrition [animal based foods] pulls the trigger.  (cancer grows faster due to animal protein)  The China Study pg 54.  More at pcrm.org.

Virtually all children have lactase enzymes that split lactose into glucose and galactose.  A decline in lactase activity with age is normal due to weaning. This is why only whites whose enzymes do not decline as much can tolerate milk.

Should children drink milk? Dr. Joseph Keon states children do not need cow or cat or rat milk to thrive. No species on earth cross nurses and no species nurses into adulthood. Raising issues of essential fatty acids or other topics is a distraction that children should drink mother’s milk not milk from another species, especially a species whose milk has three times the calcium, sodium and protein and 5 times the phosphorous and 20 types of potentially allergenic proteins. Hear more (minute 19) August 2011 podcast:

Nutrition textbook WARNS milk causes intestinal bleeding in children!!

In study of girls, neither calcium intake nor dairy intake was associated with reduced fractures. Only vitamin D, not found in milk, helped.

Read:  Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth about Cow’s Milk and Your Health, Dr. Joseph Keon. One chapter of the book available for free here. Podcast interview of author Dr. Joseph Keon at episode 95, here.

Weight loss is easier without dairy study finds.

Information on essential fatty acids here

The American Academy of Pediatrics 1994 stated that families are strongly encouraged not to feed cow’s milk to infants of families where diabetes is more common. In other words, they acknowledge that cow’s milk could trigger lifelong insulin dependence. The China Study pg 191.

A 2012 report links milk consumption with increased broken bones in children. See PCRM here.

The Harvard School of Public Health has a “healthy plate” that has water as the recommended beverage and not milk. 

Children should not be given milk because milk causes Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, elevated blood cholesterol, (yes, even in children!) autoimune diseases like MS, kidney stones, macular degeneration, cataracts, strokes, vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s. The China Study. Dairy spends over 164 million dollars per year on advertising that includes school programs to get children to become lifelong milk consumers. The China Study page 292. Referenced in an American Academy of Pediatrics article here.

Girls especially should not eat dairy products as it leads to early age of menarche (periods) which is a known factor of  increased breast cancer riskThe China Study pg 87.  See the Breast Cancer tab for more information.

Dr John McDougall on milk here-milk damages bones, increases growth hormones, raises estrogen,causes weight gain, causes people to suffer. Milk interferres with iron absorption-see”Iron” on the Health, FAQ tab. Dr. McDougall video on perils of dairy.

89% of bulk tank milk tested positive in 2007 with bovine lukemia virus (BLV)-USDA report here. Research has found at least one BLV antibody isotype reactive with BLV in 74% of the human sera tested-study here

Even if you are willing to accept the cancer, heart disease and bone loss risk, milk may make you sick-bloating , constipation and other symptoms are common. Read about lactose intolerance.

Study: D-galactose, found mainly in dairy, in a dose equivalent to 1-2 glasses of milk/day is given to lab animals to accelerate aging and induce a shortened life span caused by oxidative stress damage, chronic inflammation, neurodegeneration, decreased immune response, and gene transcriptional changes.

Study finds daily yogurt does not cause any improvement in physical or mental health.

Meta-analysis of study found no consistent evidence showing calcium supplements or dairy intake prevent bone fractures

Many green vegetables have calcium absorption rates >50% compared with about 32% for milk.

NW Univ App shows dairy causes acne

A virus found in dairy products may act as a risk factor for breast cancer.

Milk fat globule (Mfge8) is found in milk. Mfge8-deficient animals developed less advanced bladder tumors.

In 1965 Johns Hopkins found lactose nonabsorption (intolerance) occurred in 15% of whites and 70% of African Americans.

1966 study found lactose intolerance symptoms developed in 10% of whites and 90% of African Americans.

1968 study found lactose gastrointestinal symptoms occurred in 95% of Asians compared with 10% of whites.

1977 study  found 53% of Mexican Americans lactose maldigesters.

1977 study  of Native Americans found that 74% lactose maldigesters.

Studies show a substantial reduction in lactase activity (ie people are lactose intolerant) was common among those who were African, Asian, Native American, Arab, Jewish, Hispanic, Italian, or Greek.

1994 study of people with maldigestion of lactose found 25% of whites had symptoms compared with 73% of African Americans, who experienced abdominal cramps, flatulence, diarrhea, and bloating.

Dairy is a leading cause of heartburn. Now study finds those who take heartburn meds at 44% higher risk of dementia.

Dairy also causes huge environmental impacts-see the environment tab & even under it see the oceans tab

Mothers Against Dairy website