Eating Out

How To Eat Healthy and Plant-Based (Vegan) On the Road here

  • What to Pack to travel vegan here
  • Food and meal suggestions for hotel provided meals, for restaurants and ideas for snacks and foods to bring yourself here
  • What plant based options are available in restaurants here or greater detail at this fast food restaurants link or this blog Urban Taste.
  • Hotel room black bean burger recipe
  • Camping ideas here
  • Some like to pack a pressure cooker to cook in your room (Happy Herbivore)
  • Shelf stable foods are great to bring, especially if you have a microwave. A can of refried beans, jar of salsa and tortillas and you can have burritos. Pack your own oatmeal and favorite oatmeal spices, some fruit and a bowl and the in room coffee pot will heat water for you for a hearty breakfast. And vegan foods from overseas tend to be shelf stable. Here is one Chinese brand that has vegan Peking duck and a curry seitan.
  • Some ideas if your food and/or cooking options are limited!
  • Traveling outside the US? Checkout The Nomadic Vegan and The Plant Based Traveler for international tips.
  • Going on a cruise? 9 tips for vegan food success!

Restaurants Nationally

Taco Bell’s 26 vegan certified items & things that can be made vegan upon request

Pizza Hut-some crusts & sauces are vegan. Little Caesars can be made vegan-just ask to substitute a veggie for the cheese. Cici Pizza crust is vegan & their regular (NOT their zesty) pizza sauce is vegan.  Hungry Howies is NOT vegan-their crust has milk in it.

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Pizza nationwide!

And don’t think that a chicken salad is better for you than a Big Mac-all animal products are high calorie, high fat, high cholesterol. Look at these 100 salads, most of whom are TWICE the calories of a Big Mac.

Augusta Georgia Area restaurants

  • AUGUSTA VEGAN GUIDE by Chelsea Henson has the best list of area possibilities
  • Cupcakes-will make vegan cupcakes upon request; bakery is delivey only/no store
  • Mellow Mushroom offers Dayia vegan cheese for their pizza and has a tempeh sandwich that are vegan.