Omaha, Nebraska

39 Veggie Vittles in Omaha-restaurants for great vegan meals! And Vegan Omaha often lists finds, too.

My favorite Mexican restaurants for a vegan burrito are in order: El Ranchito, Shang-Hai Gardens, Los Compayes, Birrieria El Chalan. These restaurants are VERY casual and with each of them I have verified the flour tortillas use shortening and not lard. So at these you can order a bean buritto, TELL THEM no carne, no cheese, no sour cream. They will probably ask if you want lettuce, tomato or rice. I generally find the rice dry and do not get them with rice.

Shang-Hai Gardens-3118 S 24th St-just north of I-80 next to Dollar Tree. Also has Chinese. Good value.

El Ranchito-24th Street-GENERALLY good but last visit was “ok”. LARGE portion $5

Birrieria El Chalan 4518 S 24th St  -ok

Taqueria Tijuana – S 24th St  -ok

El Rancho- 2030 Martha St 

Vegan pupusas-Salvadoran food at Restaurant Y Pupuseria Salvadorena 1702 Vinton St- they do NOT speak English so use google translate to tell them you want a bean or squash pupusas without cheese. The pupusas are made with corn flour, no lard, the flour tortillas are made with lard.

Guaca Maya-While they have a vegetarian section easily made vegan, mine was “ok”, and really full of oil, a bit overpriced for what you got, not really impressed, but their flour tortillas and refried beans are vegan.

Korean Grill 1408 Harlan Drive- HANDS DOWN the best vegan meal I had in Omaha. Their vegan tofu patties were just delicious. I would go at least weekly if in town.

Hunan Palaceask for their veggie plate with your favorite sauce and they are happy to do it. Will make fried rice without egg, too. Super prices, not crowded, food always made fresh for you.

Jade Palace-Bellevue-so vegan friendly they announce on the menu what items are vegan and they will veganize any other dish you request!

Aromas Bliss-they changed their name now-has vegan cakes and cupcakes for sale with pre-order!

Golden Bowl-While they have tofu on their menu & will veganize things, I found the food “ok” and the portions small.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe -7902 Towne Center Pkwy, Papillion, NE 68046-review of Beyond Meat vegan wrap

Brick Oven Pizzeria-Owned by vegans so animal eaters AND vegans can both be happy here. Great reviews and we enjoyed, too, even Omni kids with us. A little more $$ for the vegan but it was SO WORTH it.

Modern Love (Completely Vegan)