Medical ERROR is 3rd cause of DEATH in US. (Add risks attendant to surgery, drug interactions, infections and the numbers balloon!) Study here.

Healthy Eating 101    and         The Nutrition Rainbow-get ALL your vitamins

American Medical Association recommends hospitals improve health by offering plant based meals.

For over 12 years the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics accepts sponsorships from meat and dairy and junk food/soda companies. Who represents your health interests? Read here.

The benefits of potatoes and sweet potatoes here

Endometriosis    Menstrual Pain             Menopause      Milk causes acne


The strong corrolation between countries with the highest dairy consumption having the highest hip fracture rates led to studies that show that animal proteins metabolize to be more acidic in the body and cause calcium to leach from our bones. Plant based diets tend to be bone sparing. Read The China Study for more or visit Dr. Campbell’s site or visit PCRM or hear a May 2011 podcast from the author of Building Bone Vitality here

In study of girls, neither calcium intake nor dairy intake reduced fractures. Only vitamin D, not found naturally in milk, reduced fractures.

The modern Western diet tends to be low in sources of alkalai (fruits and vegetables) and high in sources of acid (fish, meats, and cheeses). When the quantity of bicarbonate ions is insufficient to maintain normal pH, the body is capable of mobilizing  alkaline calcium salts from bone in order to neutralize acids consumed in the diet and generated by metabolism. Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables reduces the net acid content of the diet and may preserve calcium in bones. More from Oregon State University here.

The Singapore Chinese Health Study of 63,257 over 10 years found the more men and women ate a vegetable-fruit-soy diet instead of a meat based diet the lower incidence of hip fracture resulted.

Study: High cow’s milk intake associated with increased risk for bone fractures & death.

Study finds osteoarthritis patients improve with Plant Based diet.

Meta-analysis of study found no consistent evidence showing calcium supplements or dairy intake prevent bone fractures

Osteoporosis and fracture rates are much lower in African Americans and Mexican Americans compared with whites. So recommending milk, which has a lower calcium absorption rate than leafy greens, does NOT help these lactose intolerant groups.

Bone integrity is influenced, not by calcium intake alone, but by calcium balance, which is affected by genetic, dietary, and lifestyle factors, including animal protein, sodium, tobacco, physical activity, vitamin D, medications, and possibly caffeine.

Animal protein increases calcium losses.

Over 12 years study found individuals consuming more than 95 g of animal protein daily had an increased fracture risk >20% compared with those who consumed <68 g per day.

Plant-based diet associated with lower requirements for calcium intake for bone health, compared with Westernized diets.

Need optimism? Eat more carotenoids.


NW Univ App shows dairy causes acne


NIH study “participants with a “Western-type” diet (characterized by high intakes of fried and sweet food, processed food and red meat, refined grains, and high-fat dairy products) had lower odds of ideal aging” (ideal aging defined as not dying and free of chronic conditions and high performance in physical, mental, and cognitive functioning tests).

Vegan “Ensure” recipe for the ill or elderly unable to consume adequate calories

Study shows vegetable and fruit heavy diet with reduced meat and dairy consumption results in not only longevity but is  associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases.

Study shows cellular aging which is a prognostic marker of ageing, disease, and premature morbidity decreases with vegan diet.

Study finds non-vegetarians experienced a 20 % higher mortality rate and had a diet that caused 29% more greenhouse gases than vegetarians.

Study: D-galactose, found mainly in dairy, in a dose equivalent to 1-2 glasses of milk/day is given to lab animals to accelerate aging and induce a shortened life span caused by oxidative stress damage, chronic inflammation, neurodegeneration, decreased immune response, and gene transcriptional changes.

Study: Fiber found ONLY in plants helps successful aging, defined as the absence of disability, depressive symptoms, cognitive impairment, respiratory symptoms, and chronic diseases (eg, cancer and coronary artery disease).

Autoimmune Disorders

Type 1 diabetes, MS, Crohn’s Disease, Arthritis-there are MANY disorders linked to cow’s milk.


Best sources of plant based calcium graphic

Calcium or visit for more on bone protection. One woman’s victory over osteoporosis 

Many green vegetables have calcium absorption rates >50% compared with about 32% for milk.


Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the American Dietetic Association: vegetarian diets-benefits ALL ages.

Danish study: Protein from animal sources, primarily meat products, consumed during pregnancy increases risk of overweight offspring.


Testimonial on vegan diet clears eczema


Bellevue, NE optometrist explains how a plant based diet can save your site here

Glaucoma-prevention with 3 servings of veggies a day – ‎November ‎15, ‎2012 podcast here and how kale, spinach, carrots and peaches are particularly helpful-video here and a video here on how only plants are good sources

Study: Vegetarians were at 30% lower risk of cataract than were meat eaters, vegans 40% lower risk. Easy to understand analysis of study here.

How the Atkin’s Diet or high protein diets will kill you here

Inflammatory diseases

fibromyalgia- Dr. McDougall Aug 2007 interview of Robert Pritikin podcast at minute 27:

High cholesterol linked to increased joint & tendon inflammation


Great plant based iron sources

Kidney Disease

Study: Food intake which burdens kidney function, like meat, should be limited in diabetics. 

Study finds soy helps lower heart and kidney risk factors, lowering C-reactive Protein and improving kidney function indexes with 1-2 oz soy eaten per day.

Patients with chronic kidney disease who followed the Southern dietary pattern rich in fried foods, fatty foods and processed meat had the highest risk for death but plant based, the higher the plant intake the lower the mortality.

Study: Red meat increases risk for kidney failure. Nutrition book points out harm of animal protein on kidneys.

Adding more fruits & vegetables to your diet increases chance of chronic kidney disease survival.

Reproductive Health.

Study finds carotenoids and lycopene have a positive impact on semen quality.  Conversely, a study found intake of full-fat dairy (cheese) was inversely related to (harms) sperm motility and morphology.

Study shows couples with higher cholesterol levels suffered prevented or delayed pregnancy.

Risks of high animal protein diets

Harvard study finds: “A score representing a low-carbohydrate diet high in animal protein and fat was positively associated with the risk of T2D in men.”

Medical dangers of low carb diet revealed

Cell Metabolism reports that animal protein causes premature death from cancer and diabetes

Author John Joseph “Meat is for ***”: I actually had Puerto Rican bodybuilders at this old-school gym in Alphabet City tell me that if Alpo dog food was good enough to make their pit bulls strong and aggressive, then it was good enough for them


Researchers analyzed 16 studies comprising over 1 million people and found that each serving of fruits & vegetables decreased the risk of dying by any cause by 5%.

Study of young adults finds consumption of 7-8 servings of fruit or vegetables predicted improvements in mood the next day.

Study finds the more vegetables omnivores eat and the less animals they eat the lower their rate of mortality.

Study found fiber and fruit intakes are associated with a strong reduction in total mortality reduction.

Study: well-balanced vegetarian diets improve health


For even MORE studies beyond what is below, see my other web site, at the very bottom of the weight loss tab

Study finds vegan diet more effective and easier and notes vegans have lower Type 2 diabetes and cancer rates (pdf pg 2).

We all know breast milk is made to put weight on babies. So not surprisingly, 8 week study finds a low dairy diet resulted in significant weight loss and reduction in waist and hip circumference.

Study of 71,751 participants consuming about 2000 calories per day found people who follow vegan diets weigh less and consume more protective nutrients. Levels of obesity increased as animal product intake increased.

Overweight or diabetic participants on 18 week vegan diet group lost an average of 10 pounds, lowered LDL cholesterol by 13 points, showed improved blood sugar control and increased the intake of protective nutrients.

U of Pittsburgh survey finds that people follow a vegetarian diet longer than calorie-restricted diets.

Study of African-American diets found those who consumed a vegetarian/vegan diet were 43% less likely to be obese.

Tips for healthy plant based foods that are higher in calories for desired weight gain

Research: For at least 2 years after bariatric surgery, patients continue to lose bone, even after their weight stabilizes.

Study finds accumulation of body fat in adulthood is related to cancers of the colon, kidney, and endometriumand postmenopausal breast cancer.

Study finds being overweight increases the risk for cancers of the oesophagus, colorectum, breast (postmenopausal), endometrium and kidney.

Study finds of five different dietary patterns a vegan diet leads to the most weight loss.

Study shows a low-fat, starch-based, vegan diet eaten without limit on the amount of calories consumed for 7 days results in median weight loss of 1.4 kg.

Study reviewed 5.24 million records and found 17 of 22 cancers were associated with higher body mass indexes. For example, as BMI increased, so did one’s risk for cancers of the uterus, gallbladder, kidney, cervix, thyroid, liver, colon, and ovary.

A review of 15 weigh loss studies revealed prescription of vegetarian diets was associated with a mean weight loss of 7.5 pounds.

Study compares obese with non-obese children and find obese children have elevated blood pressure, LDL  cholesterol, and glucose, low HDL and enlarged left- and right-sided cardiac chambers and thicker left ventricular walls.

Study showed eating 1 daily serving of beans, chickpeas, lentils or peas can increase fullness (satiety), which leads to better weight management and weight loss.

Oreos are vegan, so why am I not losing weight? Suggestions here. And a video with 10 ideas how to cut the calories!