milk and egg substitutes see the Cooking tab. Here are some meat substitutes available.

10 tips on how to go vegan video (adult language)

Top 10 “Go Vegan” Tips here.  Decide if you want to go overnight or ease into it-Read more  Moore tips and FAQ here

Sites that can help you ease or jump into your new healthy lifestyle:

PCRM Vegetarian Starter Kit here   or   Mercy for Animals tips for making the switch here

Oprah Starter Kit here      or    a UK site with LOTS of easy to use tips or         PETA by mail here tips or Happy Herbivore getting started resources (“How to’s”) page here

7 Tips for Sticking With Your New Vegan Diet               Stocking your vegan pantry video     REAL guide for new vegans here!

Google sees vegan trend building-neat state by state map of searches here

Overcoming common situations

Implicit condemnation-why animal killers harass -vegans

Here is a first step in eliminating animal products-click on-a good for you hamburger substitute

A 2nd step is to get a good herbivore cookbook & 3 new ingredients for your kitchen

Create a menu rotation for easy dinner planning-sample here or use the Chooseveg planner (free) or or PETA’s 2 week planner (free) or even more free meal plans here or  Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has one hereVeganuary has a meal planner for UK users. You can even buy a subscription to Happy Herbivore’s planner

Ideas for all meals, snacks and eating out are here

Going Herbivore as a Teen here

Beyond cooking, cruelty free beauty product info here

Answering the question-isn’t plant based more expensive-no! here or an athlete’s perspective or 7 tips or 31 recipes at $3 or less a serving. The average American spends $151/week on food, vegans can spend $30.  You can even buy vegan at Wal Mart-watch!

Kids-See Health/Dangers of Dairy!! And for ideas & support-Facebook Vegan pregnancy & parenting; 7 days of kid friendly meal recipes & 7 kid friendly soups & desserts; kid friendly snacks, too

Beans are inexpensive, high in fiber and protein-GREAT $$ saving ways to serve beans here

Breaking the Cheese Addiction here

Did the arts play a role in you going veg? A leaflet, a book, a video, a movie? If you like to read, your first books should be The China Study or How Not to Die. For movies, Cowspiracy or Forks over Knives. Some like internet videos like the presentation “Why Vegan? by Gary Yourofsky.

Books for New Vegans on How and Why to go vegan:

The Happy Vegan by Russell Simmons