Prostate Cancer

See Dangers of Dairy tab for link between prostate cancer and milk

NIH study of calcium and prostate cancer has as its starting point: “Higher milk intake has been relatively consistently associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer, especially advanced prostate cancer.” Study concluded: “Dietary calcium and supplementary calcium were independently associated with an increased risk” of prostate cancer.

21,660 participant study states men who drink 1 glass of whole milk per day had double the risk for fatal prostate cancer and concluded that this study further links dairy and prostate cancer. See NIH study here.

Diet changes may help those with early stage cancer. For example, a low fat diet with flax seed can slow prostate cancer growth-study summary here.

2009 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition report states that post diagnosis consumption of eggs and poultry resulted in a two fold increase risk of prostate cancer death or metastasis.

Studies suggest that high soy consuming men in Asia (Japan) have a 30% lower risk of developing prostate cancer than lower consuming men. (Minute 13 of 21 May 2010 podcast)

Study finds a diet high in complex carbohydrates and lower in protein and fat may decrease prostate cancer risk in men.

Research from 4 institutions shows higher milk consumption was associated with an increased risk of advanced prostate cancer.

Review of the World Cancer study researchers found compelling evidence that limiting or avoiding dairy products reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Review finds a high fat diet is associated with increased cancer, particularly breast and colon, and the prostate.

Study finds the more a man’s diet is plant-based and the more tomato products consumed the less prostate cancer results.

Review of 32 studies tracking 21,660 people for 28 years found high intake of milk increases risk of prostate cancer (Pca) but whole milk consistently linked with fatal Pca.

Study: higher intake of dairy foods after prostate cancer diagnosis associated with increased prostate cancer-specific and all-cause mortality.

Study finds vegan and vegetarian diets lower risk for prostate cancer.

Study: Dairy Decreases Survival from Prostate Cancer

Harvard study finds 2 TIMES the risk of prostate cancer progression eating 1 egg a day and 4 times for eating poultry.

Higher consumption of any ground beef or processed meats positively associated with aggressive prostate cancer, especially
intake of grilled or barbequed meat.

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