Race & Ethnicity

Oppressions are interlocking.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Federal nutrition guidelines reflect persistent cultural and racial biases that undermine the health status of non-white Americans. Dr. Milton Mills, M.D.

Racial Bias in Federal Nutrition Policy by Dr. Milton Mills et al.

Whites control the cultural discourse of racial equality like humans control the discussion of treatment of animals. Whites and humans employ strategies that reinstate Whiteness and humans at the center, blind to their privilege, defining diversity and humane in a way to perpetuate their privilege rather than assessing the needs of the powerless.

[i] Barbara Flagg cited in pg 2 of Sister Species by Lisa Kemmerer

The “macro aggressions” of the meat industry perpetuate the myth that fried chicken is “good” & to be rich you have to eat meat. These foods are harmful and cause minorities to feel excluded from the affluent meat mainstream. Paul C. Gorski

West Africans showed ingenuity by turning the garbage of the plantations on which they were enslaved into something edible. But upon gaining freedom, this food was christened “soul food”, but it is Plantation Food, and not the true heritage of West Africa which is a diet low in animal protein and absent dairy. Dr. Mills explains here why Plantation Food is killing African Americans.


Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) founder Alex Hershafta Holocaust survivor, relates in a 12 Oct 16 podcast how for work he went to a slaughterhouse and upon seeing the piles of lungs and hearts, was transported back to the concentration camp of his youth where he saw piles of human hair and glasses. He realized what the Nazi’s did to humans, humans were doing to animals. He was frightened by the silence-the acceptance and the personal subsidies in the grocery stores. He is concerned about the mindset of the oppressor, the ease with which upstanding people can engage in oppressive behavior. The parallels with the Nazi oppression he listed starting at minute 7: branding/tattooing ID numbers, use of cattle cars to transport victims to their death, crowding of the victims in wood crates, secrecy about the actual killing, the deception to keep victims from rebelling, the beatings of the victims which makes it easier for the perpetrator to do the killing.

2 Hispanic farm workers die in 5′ deep dairy manure pit in ID.