Vegan Air Fryer

Cooking Videos:

Breakfast style potatoes& veggies

Facebook Sites:

Cookbook author JL Fields started a FB site you can join!

Fryer Basics:

One blogger has FAQ for AF

 Recipes I have tried so far!


Main Dishes:

Tofu Cubes (to add to recipes)

Popeye’s “Fried” Tofu

Beany Breakfast Sausage just make into thin patties, spray basket, cook at 400 degrees for 6 minutes,spray, flip, cook 2 more minutes!

Vegan Fish Fingers


Biscuits: Homemade (low/no fat!) or Bisquick or Kroger Psst brand canned

Canned “Doughnuts” or


Buffalo Cauliflower wings video (1 c panko, 1/4 c margarine, 4 c cauliflower)


Churro-style vegan doughnut holes video

Recipes I WANT to try:

“Grilled” Cheese Sandwich video recipe

More Information: